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About me

Hello and welcome to Mindfulcolouring.  I have decided to start this blog as I would like as many people to learn how colouring can have a huge calming effect on the mind and is also very relaxing to do.  You do not have to be good to enjoy it!  It is affordable and can be done practically anywhere and best of all you can come away with a feeling of achievement.  So turn off your phones, tablets and anything with a screen and spend a little time de stressing.


Having seen depression and anxiety at close hand I feel that it is very important to try and take away the stigma attached to mental illness.  I would like in my small way to help others and show that mindfulness, in particular colouring, has great benefits!


I do hope you will enjoy this blog and the designs and pictures that I am going to share with you.  Hopefully colouring them will help you get a little bit of calm back into your life.  If I can help you achieve this then this blog will have been successful!


I am not a trained artist but just love to draw and create.  My drawings are all hand drawn from my shed in the garden and have not been near photoshop so do excuse the occasional wobbly line!  I would love your feedback on any in this blog and please let me know which pictures you prefer and why.   It would also be great if you could follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  I want to get my message and designs out there!


Happy colouring.. xx


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