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THOUGHTS FROM MY SHED...a bit of a wander

As Saturday turned out to be a rather nice day I decided to take a bit of a wander up the Kings Road. I went to one of my favourite shops to 'have a look' but as often is the case came out with a bag under my arm. Anthropologie is full of eclectic clothes, books, china and cook wear. Dare I say it looks a bit bohemian and that's why it's fantastic. Being someone who loves order I saw this shelf full of beautiful cups and bowls and fell in love with them all!


I also spotted this below but only thought how nice my pens would look it them! Obsessed with drawing? Me?


Best purchase of the day was a book by Corinne Sweet called The Mindfulness Journal. She is a psychologist and psychotherapist and the book introduces you to mindfulness and easy exercises that you can try anywhere. It is simply explained without sounding intense. You can skip from one part of the book to another depending on how you are feeling or what is on your mind. I can highly recommend it as a good read. Spot the cheeky mug purchase....


I hope you all have a good week and do take a little bit of time out for yourself.



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