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THOUGHTS FROM MY SHED... best art supply shop ever!

This is no lie! I am extremely fortunate to be living within walking distance of this extraordinary shop. When you step into Green and Stone on the Kings Road in London, you step back in time by some 80 odd years. The old wooden boards creak with a warm welcome where you can feast your eyes on row upon row of paint tubes, beautiful paintbrushes, easels, inks and every medium known to man! Wooden shelves are stacked high with every type of paper you can imagine. At the back there is a small antiques section and a wonderful framing department which creates new and restores old frames.


I can honestly say that this is my sanctuary where I can come and browse (and shop!) for hours without being disturbed or rushed. It is my calm place. However, my husband is not so calm when he sees the green bags coming through the front door...what can I say? I'm obsessed!

It is run and owned by the charming Rodney Baldwin and his lovely daughter Hester (who is also a song writer). The shop has been at this location since 1934 - previously it was run as a shop for the Womens Suffragette Movement and has many famous clients walking through the doors from royalty to rock legends to.... me! Check out the list on their website. It is now one of the largest fine art material shops in Europe but has not lost any of its english charm. The staff are all artists themselves and are fantastically knowledgeable in every field but more importantly friendly, patient and don't mind me asking the most stupid of questions.



So if you are ever in London and need somewhere to wander around, relax and feel some mindfulness coming over you, this is a great place to visit.

Fiona xxx


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