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THOUGHTS FROM MY SHED... a bit of wellbeing

I have now realised that blogs and blogging are forever moving and changing shape. In thinking about my blog I thought as it was all about mindfulness it should also be about wellbeing as they are both interlinked. If you look up wellbeing in the dictionary it means 'the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy'. I am hoping that my blog will help a little with one or all of these things.

So in spreading my baby wings in this direction I decided to plunge into the deep end and make some cashew milk! Now you may be asking yourself why would she be doing this when she should be in her shed creating more designs for me to colour? Don't fret my fellow colourers as I can multi task and do both.

Cashew milk is extremely good for you, especially if you are lactose intollerant. It is cholesterol free, high in vitamin B, copper and magnesium and the fat in cashews is heart healthy and can help lower your risk of stroke and heart disease. So it's an all round good nut!

Best of all it is thick, creamy and brilliant in smoothies and great in your tea or coffee. Now less of the facts and more about the process...


Now some of you might know this but I am a terrible cook and most things can and do go wrong. The only thing I can make successfully is banana bread and roasted veg! So attempting what looks like a simple recipe like this could be a disaster for the likes of me. So here are the ingredients I decided to use. I went the american way and did cups.

1 cup of cashews

3 cups of water (filtered if you want to be very good)

1/2 teaspoon of manuka honey

1/2 teaspoon of organic vanilla extract

I soaked the cashew nuts in water overnight in the fridge. I then spent a while getting my slightly dusty blender out and washing all the plastic bits needed, so the 5 minutes it says it takes to make this has been and gone! I threw the cashew nuts (they looked very anaemic it has to be said) into the blender along with the water, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of manuka honey. Whizzed it up and seived it.


I actually made successful cashew milk and it tastes very nice!! I can now add this to my roasted veggies and banana bread list of edible things I can make!

However, if anyone knows what I should have done with the pulp, please let me know. I am sure I should be able to turn it into something. Perhaps I'll ask Deliciously Ella on her blog....


Fiona xxx


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