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THOUGHTS FROM MY SHED... the continuing health kick

Well I survived the first week without too much mishap! I had my first proper training session with Adam and apart from the left leg occasionally buckling it went well and I walked out of there without holding on to the walls. That has to be progress! I also went for my weekly diet chat today and as MarkG was on holiday tanning his biceps I saw Adam again. (Poor chap is going to get fed up with me soon). He has given me some really good tips on eating so I am concentrating on the food and the process rather than fixating on portion control. Eat naturally without any process is the answer so I toddled off to the local healthfood shop. Luckily for me being in London there is a Wholefoods which has more health food in it than you can poke a stick at!

Walked passed these little babies! How big are these? Serious meringue envy. I did however, come away with a variety of options. So I am hoping to enjoy some of these.

I am slightly dubious about the vegan protein hemp and pea but why not try something new. Going to use the nifty little recipe that Adam gave me today. (I'll let you know how it tastes and what it looks like).

So week two is going well, feeling more energetic and am actually looking forward to my session on Friday - I never thought I would be writing that.


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