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THOUGHTS FROM MY SHED...colouring really does help

This is a very short blog but I wanted to share an article with you all to show that colouring really is a great activity to do. There are many colouring books out there on Amazon but you can come here to my site and get them for free! What's not to like?!

Colouring can help to boost your mental health, ease insomnia, anxiety and depression. The act of colouring changes the brainwave frequency from beta (this is when we are mentally active) to alpha frequency (this is when we are relaxed) which is what we need to help progress to theta frequency and help us drift off to sleep. So if you need some help with sleeping perhaps you should try a bit of mindful colouring before bed. Turn off those screens!!

Colouring allows the mind to remain alert but relaxed allowing thoughts to flow more freely in a less negative way. Now I am not saying this is by any means going to sort out your anxiety or make you sleep for 12 hours but it will certainly help towards it.

From a personal point of view I have found that designing, drawing and testing them out with colour has been so beneficial to me and I am a calmer, better person for it. Please do give it a go and I'm sure you will be a convert.

Happy colouring....


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