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THOUGHTS FROM MY SHED... mindful walking in the City

I decided to go for a walk with my iphone for company this week to see how mindful I could be. Living in a big City can come in on you with all the noises and frenetic feel that a big city can have. However being in London you are never that far away from a park or open space.

As I live near Battersea Bridge I popped over the bridge and into Battersea Park. I wanted to see if I could walk in a mindful state taking in my surroundings and be 'in the moment'. I think sometimes when we go for a walk, be it a stroll or going to work we do not take in the things around us as we are just deep in our own thoughts. Sometimes it is good to be aware of our surroundings and appreciate the simpler, smaller things that we might otherwise just pass by.

So here are some of the moments that I captured on my iphone.

As soon as I got over the bridge I saw this Heron sitting on a post at the edge of the Thames drying out his wings. He was not trying to fly off but sat there for about 5 minutes with his wings stretched out. I leaned over the railings and just watched him balance.

A few minutes later I saw this man practicing yoga in front of this impressive monument. It is the Peace Pagoda with gilded statues of Buddha and wind chimes. It is one of many around the world dedicated to the promotion of world peace. It was built in 1985 by the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order. I quickly left him to it as I'm sure his concentration would have been disturbed by me being mindful in front of him!

My next stop was the water garden where I stood and listened to the water thundering into the pool. A great sound.

Not the clearest picture but you get the idea! I chatted to the man who was feeding not only these chicks but about 30 ducks that had come flapping in to eat the bread. He comes to the park every day with a rucksack FULL of loaves of bread and goes to each lake in the park and feeds them. Good for him!

I also noticed how London can function so well between nature and the ever increasing need for living space. In the background is the on going construction of Battersea Power station.

My final image was taken of this guy who had obviously been on a major bike ride! I loved the fact that he was enjoying the outside with a little lie down in the warming sun before getting on with his day.

I really enjoyed my walk so much more than usual by being in the moment and really taking in what was around me. Not only the sights but the smells and noises. I would highly recommend you all get out there and notice your surroundings more, however small they may be.

Happy walking... xx


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