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THOUGHTS FROM MY healthy cheeky pudding ever

Well I am pleased to write that I am still on my health/wellbeing kick and I have to say I am feeling so much better for it. My best friend Caro commented that I have lost the bags under my eyes (they had in fact, the full range of Samsonite under them). She may just be being a good friend but I'm willing to take the compliment! I cannot recommend enough a stint of healthy eating with some mindfulness.

Although the weight loss is slow, it is steady and I'm into my third week without alcohol, low carbs and now I've cut out dairy as I don't think it is that good for your digestive system. A big thank you should go to Adam who is helping me down this path with nutrition, wellbeing, health and mindfulness. (Also he is pushing me physically to get into shape).

If you fancy making yourself a fantastic pudding, come "anytime" treat then here is the recipe.

Here are the ingredients which are available in the shops. However, the Neat Nutrition range can be bought on line and although it's a bit of a 'sharp intake of breath sort of price' you only need one if not less scoop for each portion. I am sure you can get it or similar in a good health food shop. The almond milk is suger free as the Vegan Protein is sweet enough.

For one portion of this bowl of gorgeousness you need:

Small handful of almonds (unsalted in the natural state) - I use about 8

A full handful of frozen raspberries (you can of course use any frozen fruit)

Half a square of 90% dark chocolate (you can you less depending on your taste)

A scoop of Vanilla Vegan protein (scoop is provided but it's about one third of a cup)

Quarter of a cup of Almond milk if you want it solid and icecreamy consistancy. If you want it as a smoothie then add more.

Put the almonds, vegan protein powder, raspberries, milk and chocolate in the bowl. (I found it good to keep the chocolate in the fridge and then shred it with a knife into small bits)

Then just whizz it up!

As you can see I just put it in a pyrex jug and use a hand blender but you can use a Nutribullit or similar.

As you can from this picture I prefer it thick so I don't put much almond milk in.

Here is the finished article. I really hope you have a go at this and although I am not counting calories I did calculate that it comes out at less than 200. My friend Victoria described it as tasting like cake mixture. Please let me know how it turns out for you in the comment box.

Happy eating xxx

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